Other Services

Hourly Services (Prices based on a 30 mile radius of Wheeling, WV)

Camera fees are assessed by the following rates:

Single Camera with Operator: $175/hour

Two Cameras with Operators: $275/hour


Editing fees are assessed by the following rates:

Editing fee/hour: $50/hour

DVD Authoring fee: $25/disc

Drone Video/Photo Sessions*

$150/session (Up to 1 hour, weather permitting) 


Jib rental fees are assessed by the following rates:

Jib with Operator: $200/hour

Jib with Operator: $900/day (minimum of 5 hours, maximum 9 hours)

Live Sound

Add live sound to your event for a competitive price! Whether you’re getting married outdoors or hosting a conference, have your event heard by your audience with Thompson Video’s state of the art sound system!

Add live sound with pre-purchased packages: $115/2 hours maximum

Live sound (No video work) $175/2 hours maximum


Thompson Video Productions can also provide live sound and music for small receptions or parties. WE DO NOT DJ WEDDING RECEPTIONS, but would be glad to provide a reference to one of our trusted DJ friends!

*Thompson Video is fully licensed with the FAA as part of the FAA 107 Licensing restrictions for unmanned aircraft operators. 

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